Verbotene Liebe

I reconnected with an old high school friend last week over Facebook. We actually met in junior high, but we haven’t met since the end of high school. We were commenting on the same side of an intense argument about morality on a mutual friend’s status update, which led to us chatting over Facebook’s built-in instant messenger. The next thing I knew, she called me up and we talked over the phone for four and a half hours! We certainly made up for lost time!

I love that my old friend is so different and yet so similar to me. I studied math and statistics while she studied English literature and theatre, but we seem to think the same way on many topics. Among the many (many) things we talked about in our long phone conversation was my sexuality and our different tastes in guys (there’s some overlap). A couple days ago, she sent me a link to YouTube videos of a German soap opera called Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The videos are condensed clips of a storyline between two gay guys on the show, Christian and Olli (Oliver). She prefers Christian (the tough athlete), but I prefer Olli (the patient romantic).

Since my friend sent me the link to the videos, I haven’t been able to do much else. I was up until past 4am the last two nights watching these two adorably cute/hot guys go from practically hating each other to falling head over heels in love. The two are quite possibly the cutest fictional couple I’ve ever seen.

Their storyline started almost three years ago, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, I’m beyond addicted. There are currently 310 clips (and counting!), and I just finished watching Part 177!

It’s hard to choose a clip that isn’t incredibly full of spoilers, but this one is a pretty good place to start. It is Part 40.

My friend suggested to start from this video, but I started from Part 1 so I didn’t miss any of the backstory. The link to all of the videos is here!

Side note: If you happen to get addicted and watch the videos too, you’ll find that Christian and Olli are not the only cute guys on the show. They’re everywhere! Yay for cute German guys!


Lost Together

As excited as I was yesterday for the Lost finale, I didn’t end up getting a chance to watch it until today. I planned out my day and reserved two hours to watch it in the afternoon. I found a small private corner of the campus library so I could have complete focus and no distractions.

As I had previously mentioned, my brother got me addicted to Lost over winter break. He sat me down and we watched seven or eight episodes a day (at least) for a week straight. After the break, he went back to medical school, and I was on my own to finish the first five seasons. Once I caught up and started watching the final (sixth) season as they came out every week, my brother and I would watch each week’s episode at different times (depending on our schedules) and email each other when we had finished so we could discuss it during our weekly phone calls (my brother calls home every weekend).

Interestingly, I finished watching the finale around 4:50pm and immediately went to email my brother and found an email from my brother stating that he had just finished it too! The timestamp on his email was 4:49pm, which means we we were watching it at the same time! It’s somehow fitting that we finished the series together even though we’re miles away from each other.

I called my brother right away and we talked for half an hour about our thoughts on the finale. Basically, we both loved it. It was a very emotional and satisfying ending. It’s been six hours since I finished it, and I’m still thinking about it.


I started watching Lost  about six months ago when my brother got me addicted to it over winter break. I watched the first five seasons in forty days and kept up with all the episodes from the sixth season.

Now we’re here. The series finale of Lost is tonight! The stars aligned and I’ve been able to finish my two homework assignments early enough to spare two and a half hours tonight to watch the finale. I’m so excited!


I don’t remember the circumstances (I think I was looking up something about Anthony Stewart Head), but I found this UK show called Merlin (I know I’m late. The show started in 2008. I don’t watch much new TV, so I just heard about this now).

The show follows Merlin and Prince Arthur when they were young adults. Due to a ban on using magic, Merlin has to hide his magical abilities while still protecting Prince Arthur, as it is his destiny to help Arthur become the Once and Future King. I love Arthurian legend (much like how I love Greek mythology), and the notion of destiny is always interesting (even Lost is about destiny).

Think Smallville but a couple thousand years earlier. Actually, the parallel to Smallville comes from more than just the premise. The episodic storylines play out like early Smallville episodes (or the Sailor Moon anime, actually).

Anyway. I watched the first six episodes in the last couple days, and it’s awesome. Yes, it’s cheesy and isn’t nearly as epic or have as high of production value as Lost, but it’s very entertaining. It helps that Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin) and Bradley James (who plays Arthur) are very cute (especially Colin), and almost every scene they have together has some sort of homoerotic undertones (it’s very bromantic). I’d also like to add that I love British and Irish accents.

This show is just another addition to my long list of guilty pleasures, like listening to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and watching kids’ movies by myself.

Lost Focus

The new school term started two weeks ago, but I haven’t been studying constantly the way I was last term. Maybe my classes are starting out slowly, but I don’t feel as focused as I did three months ago. For example, instead of spending this whole weekend studying, I slept in, watched 13 episodes of Lost, and saw Youth In Revolt with my best friend from high school. I finished my homework that’s due on Wednesday, but I haven’t written up the assignment due Friday. If this was three months ago, I would have finished both assignments and maybe even read ahead a little. I wonder if I’m burnt out from studying so much before.

Side note: I mentioned in passing that my brother has been trying to get me addicted to Lost. He succeeded. I started from the first episode a little bit before Christmas, and now I’m three episodes into the fifth season (i.e., I’ve watched 89 episodes in about four weeks). The sixth and final season starts in February; I didn’t think I’d be caught up by then, but it’s definitely likely now. Interestingly, I mentioned Lost in the comments of one of my posts over a year ago.

A couple weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of my professors from last term. She mentioned that studying all the time and worrying about being perfect is not healthy. It’s true; I got sick three or four times last term, whereas I usually only get sick once every year or two. Maybe my lack of focus lately is a blessing in disguise.

Futurama Math

I spent the day with a good friend from high school. We went to the mall so he could go shopping for summer clothes. Afterwards, we hung out at my house and watched the Futurama movie Bender’s Big Score on DVD. I’ve always liked Futurama, and the movie was definitely true to the series. I highly recommend any fans of the show to check it out.

Included on the DVD is a math lecture called “Bite My Shiny Metal X,” which points out some of the references to mathematics throughout the movie and the entire series. The lecture mainly references spherical geometry, topology, and number theory. My favorite references were to Klein bottles, the number 1729 (the famous Ramanujan taxicab number), and \aleph_0.

I like Futurama even more now than I already did now that I know there is real mathematics in it! Just because I’m not pursuing math anymore doesn’t mean I’m not still a huge math nerd.

For more about Futurama and math, go to the official website Futurama Math. Math rocks!

Lots of Scrubs

I’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs on DVD with my brother lately. My brother bought all the seasons on DVD a while ago but never got a chance to watch them until now. He’s trying to be productive, in a sense, by checking them off his to-do list.

I don’t care about being productive. After I get home from work, producitivity is the last thing on my mind. I just want to relax. Luckily, Scrubs is productive for my brother and relaxing for me, so we both win.

It had been a long time since I had seen Scrubs, so I forgot how much I liked it. It’s so random and crazy, but it still has heart too. We’ve been watching a few episodes every night this week, so I’m getting pretty addicted.

Anyway, here’s an awesome clip of Dr. Turk (probably one of my favorite characters, played by Donald Faison) showing off his air band skills.

I laugh really hard every time I see it!