A couple days ago, my big sister from work messaged me asking if I wanted to see Star Trek with her and her boyfriend. She wanted to see it on IMAX, but I pointed her to this blog about how most theatres that advertise IMAX do not actually offer the “real” IMAX experience (the “IMAX” screen that I went to on Sunday was also not the “real” kind, though that didn’t detract from loving the movie).

Even though I have talking/thinking about seeing Star Trek a second time in theatres, I actually hesitated before saying I would go again. Financially speaking, seeing the same movie twice in theatres is a waste of money, since buying the movie on DVD or Blu-ray is about the same price as two movie tickets (I’m channeling my parents). I don’t often turn down a chance to hang out with my big sister from work, though, so I eventually said yes anyway. We decided to see it at an ArcLight theatre, since ArcLight offers a higher quality movie-going experience over the ordinary movie theatre (they even have assigned seating!).

We met up for all-you-can-eat sushi before the movie. My big sister’s boyfriend ordered way too much food, but I’m never one to let good sushi go to waste (especially since they charge for leftovers). The high quality of the sushi reminded me of the all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants I frequented in graduate school, except that this one only offered nigiri (fish on rice) and maki (rolls) sushi and no sashimi (just fish). I ate way too much (more than my big sister’s boyfriend, and he’s a lot bigger than me), but it was amazing.

It was an awesome night. Great food, great friends, great movie. Trifecta!

As a final note, Star Trek was just as good if not better the second time. The emotional parts still got to me, even though I knew they would happen. One of my high school friends might see it again over the weekend; I wonder if three times is too many?


I’m Not That Shallow

A small rant: Why is it that just because I think all the guys in Star Trek are cute/hot means that’s the only reason why I liked the movie and why I want to see it again? I hate that assumption.

I’ve actually had to defend myself on this point before. Back during the boy band craze in the ’90s, I really liked (and still do like) the songs from Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, etc. Westlife is still one of my favorite groups. Yes, I admit to liking boy bands. But no matter how hard I try to convince otherwise, people always assume that I only like boy bands because I think the guys are cute. As if it’s unfathomable to actually like the music that boy bands produce.

Yes, I’m gay. Yes, I think the guys in movies are cute, but watching eye candy only goes so far. If a movie has a terrible story or bad acting, I wouldn’t be willing to spend my hard earned cash on watching it multiple times, even if it has a really hot guy in it. I can be shallow when I want to be, but I’m not that shallow.

Anyway, this rant has been brewing in my head for a couple days ever since I had a conversation with a friend about wanting to see Star Trek again. Honestly, I don’t have the intense urge to see a movie in theatres multiple times very often. The last time I had such an urge was back in 2003 for my favorite movie, The Return of the King. I watched it six times in theatres. That’s 21 hours of epic awesomeness.

I don’t think I’m willing to spend the money to see Star Trek quite so times in theatres (though I’m definitely buying it on Blu-ray when it comes out), but the fact that I’m even comparing it to The Return of the King at all shows how much I liked it. I hate when people think I’m so superficial that I would only like a movie because of the actors. I don’t deny that I think Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, and John Cho are all very good looking. But the triumph and tragedy in the story are what keep playing back in my head, not the faces of cute/hot actors.

Star Trek

I had a great day today! I was originally going to attend a BBQ lunch at my big sister from work and her boyfriend’s apartment today, but it was pushed back to dinner. Since I had already made plans to see Star Trek in the evening, we decided to meet up for lunch anyway.

My big sister from work and her boyfriend have very refined tastes, so they always know the best places to eat. We ate at a small Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo. Even though the restaurant is small, the line was very long; around 2pm, we still had to wait half an hour before we got a table. The wait was worth it, though. We each had a specialty ramen and pork bowl combination that was both delicious and enormous.

After lunch, we walked around some of the small shops in Little Tokyo. I love shopping. We eventually found a Yogurtland, so we had very yummy yogurt for dessert (that is much cheaper than Pinkberry). I was pretty full from the ramen and pork bowl, but who am I to refuse dessert?

By the time we headed back to my big sister from work and her boyfriend’s apartment, it was already almost time to meet up with my friends to see Star Trek on IMAX. I drove straight from the apartment to the movie theatre and met my friends in line (they had already bought my ticket to save the hassle). I was still full from lunch, so I ended up skipping dinner.

Star Trek was simply amazing. I’m still thinking about it. After I came home, I spent two hours reading about Star Trek on Wikipedia to compare and contrast the canon with the movie. This movie is definitely a fresh start for the franchise, and it might just turn me into a Trekkie.