A Signed Lease And A Street Fair

I went to The City again last weekend to fulfill my landlord proxy duties. Despite “my” cute/hot new tenant being confused and late to our meeting, the lease signing went off without a hitch. We did a quick walk through of the condo, I briefly went over the major points of the lease, he gave me the first month’s rent with the security deposit, and then we both signed the lease. It was so official. I felt like a real landlord!

Towards the end of our meeting, my cute/hot new tenant asked for my number. No, it wasn’t because he thinks I’m cute/hot. Don’t I wish! It was because my English is much easier to understand than my dad’s, since I don’t have a Chinese accent. My tenant prefers to deal with me as an intermediary between him and my dad. I was definitely flattered. I like feeling important. He put my number in his iPhone. Next to my name, he almost put “Landlord,” until I corrected him to say “Landlord’s son/brother.” It’s a little confusing to the tenant as to who is really the landlord, considering he’ll probably never interact with my brother.

My old officemate from my previous graduate school (reminder: he’s doing a postdoc at Prestigious University) and his girlfriend live in The City, so I met up with them the next day (Sunday). We went to the gay neighborhood of The City, let’s call it Gay Street, because there was a big street fair going on. It was very similar to a pride parade, except there were more booths from community organizations or businesses and less parades. It’s been a long time since I’ve been out during the day with a lot of other gay guys around, so it was a lot of fun. I got a free rainbow pride rubber bracelet!

I’ve been friends with my old officemate for about six years, but I never officially came out to him. It was his idea to go to the Gay Street fair, so he’s definitely accepting of gay people, but I think it would be strange to make a big deal out of my sexuality after all this time. I’m sure I thought a lot more about this than he did, so I still didn’t say anything. I just acted like myself while we were at the fair, as if he knew already. He probably does know and has known for a long time anyway. There has never been any awkwardness between us, so I saw no reason to change that.

Anyway. I had a great weekend, but it set my study schedule behind a bit. I’ve had a very time consuming homework this week (which I’m taking a break from to write this), so I’ve been spending every spare minute working on it. This homework is due tomorrow, so I hope I can catch up (and be ahead of the game) over the next few days.


Landlord Proxy

My university is about an hour (by car) away from the city (let’s call it The City) where my brother owns a condo. Since my brother is so busy with medical school, my dad generally handles most of the landlord responsibilities. He flew up this last weekend to show the condo to some potential tenants, so I met up with him in The City.

Aside: Whenever I type “The City”, I keep thinking about The Emerald City in Wicked / The Wizard of Oz. I’m seriously addicted to that musical!

I don’t have a car, so I had to use public transportation to get from my apartment at the university to the condo in The City. For some strange reason, the campus shuttles don’t run on weekends, so I had to walk about half a mile to the nearest public bus stop. I took a short bus ride to the train station, where I then took a 40 minute train ride to the nearest subway station (it’s not exactly a subway, but close enough). The subway took about 35 minutes to get to the station closest to my brother’s condo. Door to door, the whole journey took nearly three hours.

Out of four potential tenants, three of them flaked on their appointments. The one who didn’t flake didn’t seem very enthusiastic about the condo. She spent only about five minutes looking around before saying that she liked it but was still looking at a few other places too. Not a good sign.

My dad and I almost started thinking that the weekend trip was wasted until someone called my dad asking to see the condo a little later in the day. The guy who called turned out to be a potential tenant who had originally flaked but actually just wanted to reschedule. About an hour later, the guy showed up at the condo.

He was really cute/hot. He brought his girlfriend along, but we don’t care about her. He was really cute/hot. He had a great personality, an amazing smile, and he spoke fluent French! Be still, my heart. I know, I’m terrible. I would be the worst landlord.

My dad wasn’t selling the condo very well, so I became more proactive in showcasing the highlights. I certainly learned a lot in my brief stint as a salesman! I actually love my brother’s condo, and it’s easy to sell a product you actually believe in. The potential tenant and his girlfriend stayed for nearly an hour.

Long story short, the cute/hot potential tenant was very interested, and it looks like he’s definitely going to be the new tenant! Out of everyone in my family, I live the closest to the condo, so I will be acting as a mini-landlord (or, more accurately, a landlord proxy). I have my own set of keys to the condo, as well as the two sets we’ll be giving to the tenants. I will probably have to make another trip to The City next weekend so that the tenants can sign the lease. It’s a long trip, but at least I’ll get to see the cute/hot tenant again!

Merlin Marathon

It’s been a little difficult making friends at the university where I’m taking classes. Many of my classmates are friendly, but I never know if they’re actually being friendly or if they just want my help with homework. Luckily, one classmate who I had helped in the Fall term stayed friendly. We took a couple more classes together this term, and we study together now. I call her my undergrad study buddy. We’ve actually become pretty good friends.

When I first became addicted to Merlin, I talked to my undergrad study buddy about it constantly, so I convinced her to watch a few episodes with me. We set aside a day after our finals were over to have a Merlin marathon! So right after she finished her last final (this was two days ago), I picked her up from campus to head to her apartment.

Actually, my study buddy’s best friend from college (also an Asian gay boy like me, but far more outgoing) wanted to join us, so I picked him up as well. We should have had many hours to watch Merlin, but many YouTube and cake related distractions later, we had only watched one episode before my study buddy’s best friend had to leave. I had to drive him back to campus during rush hour and then return to my study buddy’s apartment for more Merlin.

After only one more episode and a quick dinner, my study buddy and I helped the university’s star quarterback with his studying for his statistics final. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a football athlete up close before, but he was very cute/hot. Huge muscles. Great smile. He even had perfect skin.

Anyway. My study buddy and I tutored the quarterback for a good three hours at least. It was already around 11pm when the quarterback left. I asked my study buddy if it was too late to watch more Merlin, but she was up for it. We ended up watching two more episodes, bringing our marathon total to four episodes.

I was hoping to get my study buddy addicted to Merlin. I don’t think she’s addicted just yet, but she is open to having another marathon next week!

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I’m Not That Shallow

A small rant: Why is it that just because I think all the guys in Star Trek are cute/hot means that’s the only reason why I liked the movie and why I want to see it again? I hate that assumption.

I’ve actually had to defend myself on this point before. Back during the boy band craze in the ’90s, I really liked (and still do like) the songs from Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, etc. Westlife is still one of my favorite groups. Yes, I admit to liking boy bands. But no matter how hard I try to convince otherwise, people always assume that I only like boy bands because I think the guys are cute. As if it’s unfathomable to actually like the music that boy bands produce.

Yes, I’m gay. Yes, I think the guys in movies are cute, but watching eye candy only goes so far. If a movie has a terrible story or bad acting, I wouldn’t be willing to spend my hard earned cash on watching it multiple times, even if it has a really hot guy in it. I can be shallow when I want to be, but I’m not that shallow.

Anyway, this rant has been brewing in my head for a couple days ever since I had a conversation with a friend about wanting to see Star Trek again. Honestly, I don’t have the intense urge to see a movie in theatres multiple times very often. The last time I had such an urge was back in 2003 for my favorite movie, The Return of the King. I watched it six times in theatres. That’s 21 hours of epic awesomeness.

I don’t think I’m willing to spend the money to see Star Trek quite so times in theatres (though I’m definitely buying it on Blu-ray when it comes out), but the fact that I’m even comparing it to The Return of the King at all shows how much I liked it. I hate when people think I’m so superficial that I would only like a movie because of the actors. I don’t deny that I think Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Anton Yelchin, and John Cho are all very good looking. But the triumph and tragedy in the story are what keep playing back in my head, not the faces of cute/hot actors.

I Never Learn

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all day today. I think I might be starting to get sick, but that’s not why I feel bad. I tried to avoid admitting this situation to myself (which is why I haven’t said anything about this on this blog), but my feelings today made it pretty unequivocal.

For a few weeks now, I’ve vaguely liked this boy at work. He’s young (but legal), straight, extremely cute/hot, and a total ladies’ man. He was the first person at work to ask me if I was gay and subsequently was the first person at work to whom I came out. He’s pretty nice to me, in a strictly platonic (friendship between boys) sort of way.

Over the last couple months, we’ve become pretty good work friends. I’m fairly certain that our social circles would never meet outside of Target, but I like to think we’re friends. Unfortunately, the more time I spend with him, the more my feelings for him are developing into a crush.

At the same time (though it started earlier), I also developed a small attraction to one of my high school friends (he’s also straight, of course). Technically, he’s a friend of a high school friend, but we all went to the same high school. We didn’t hang out together very much until I moved home last August. I like to think we’ve become friends in our own right, but I find it difficult to have conversations with him. He’s really into watching sports of all kinds, but I know very little about them.

I also find it hard to talk to my high school friend because he’s incredibly cute. He’s more cute than hot, which is why I’m not calling him cute/hot, but he has really nice muscles (and abs), so he’s pretty hot too. I get intimidated by his attractiveness. Whenever I talk to him, I feel like my attraction to him shows (he knows I’m gay too, by the way), so I get really shy and awkward around him. If we’re in a group, I tend to avoid eye contact with him but take in glances when I can.

My high school friend was in Las Vegas with me this last weekend. Because I know in my head that my attraction to him will never be reciprocated, I got mildly depressed during parts of the trip. There were a couple times when I had to walk off by myself to clear my thoughts. Sometimes I felt better, but other times I didn’t.

So that was the setup for what’s been going on in my head all day. Neither crush will ever be reciprocated, and that recurring (almost incessant) thought made me want a comforting hug. Unfortunately, I really wanted a comforting hug from one of my crushes, which clearly will never happen. Knowing that just made everything all the more painful.

My work crush noticed that I looked a little depressed today at work, but I never got a chance to sit down and tell him why. I’m not sure if I should tell him why, though I don’t think he would start avoiding me or something. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

It’s amazing how much I don’t learn. Straight crush after straight crush, I never learn not to fall for straight boys.


I saw a celebrity at work today! Well, he’s not that big of a celebrity, since most people probably have never heard of him, but I certainly have!

I was zoning my little area when I saw this incredibly cute/hot guy standing there, looking at something on a shelf. Since it’s part of my job, I asked him the obligatory “Can I help you find something?” He looked straight at me and said “no thanks.” When I saw his face directly, I recognized him immediately as Matt Lanter.

For those of you who don’t know, Matt Lanter played the son of Geena Davis’ character (she played the president) in the short-lived show Commander in Chief. More importantly, he was also on a reality show called Manhunt: The Search for America’s Most Gorgeous Male Model. While he didn’t win, I always thought he was the best looking model on the show.

I can’t decide whether he’s cute or hot, so I’ll just say he’s cute/hot. You can decide for yourself:

Matt Lanter

There are more pictures here.

I thought about saying something like “You’re Matt Lanter, aren’t you?” but I chickened out. Not only was I working, but I also didn’t have my camera with me. Moreover, I’m sure he didn’t want to be bothered while shopping at Target.

After our exchange, I went back to doing my job (silently muttering to myself in disbelief), and he went about his business. Even though it wasn’t a formal meeting or anything, I still met Matt Lanter! Yay for meeting cute/hot celebrities at work!