Vaio Smart Network

I fixed my computer! Apparently there was some manual setting that turned off my wireless capabilities. After a little finagling, I found that I had to use something called the “Vaio Smart Network” (only on Sony computers) to turn my wireless settings back on. It isn’t very smart, if you ask me.

I’m just glad I don’t have to send my laptop back. I was already imagining the hassle it would have been. I like having my own computer.


Working Properly

For some reason, the wireless network adapter in my laptop suddenly decided to stop working this morning. I’ve only had my laptop for two months!

I tried the usual shutting down and restarting routine, but I’m still unable to wirelessly connect to the internet, even though my computer seems to think that my wireless network adapter is “working properly.”

My laptop is still under warranty, so I’ll probably return it to Sony to get it fixed. It looks like I’ll be without a computer again for a little while.

No Longer Computerless

After months of waiting, I finally got a new laptop! My old laptop died nearly three months ago, and I’ve been using my dad’s desktop since then. I’m glad I had at least some way of checking my email and surfing the internet, but there’s definitely something different about using my own computer. I can finally type posts for this blog without fear of my parents looking over my shoulder or having to wait until they went to sleep.

I got the powerful and portable Vaio SZ. My brand loyalty runs deep. I’m going to spend some time tonight to delete some of the “free” trial software Sony/Microsoft preinstalled on my computer (stupid AOL). After a day or two of tinkering, my laptop should be customized to the way I want.

I’ve secretly been telling myself that I would wait until I got a new computer before properly updating my resume and searching for jobs with full force. I don’t have any excuse anymore.

The Vaio CR

Doing more research on laptops, I found an affordable laptop from Sony! The Vaio CR series is moderately sized (lightweight by normal laptop standards but about 1.5 times the weight of my previous laptop) and half the price of most other Sony laptops while still having pretty good specifications. It seems like I won’t have to abandon my loyalty toward Sony!

Even at an affordable price, though, buying a computer is never cheap. All the money I’ve made at Target over the last month isn’t enough, even for a Vaio CR. I know that my parents would buy my laptop for me, but I feel really bad that I can’t take the burden off their shoulders. It’s situations like this that make me very antsy to get my first professional job.

Not A Sony

This blog is becoming increasingly hard to keep up, at least for now. Without my own computer, I don’t have the time or privacy to post anything until my parents go to sleep. Usually by that time, I’m tired and don’t feel like writing or thinking very much. Today’s post will be short because of this.

Doing some shopping today, I found a laptop that seems to be pretty good for my needs at an affordable price. I don’t remember the model number at the moment, but the laptop I found is made by HP (Hewlett-Packard).

The bad news is that it’s not as cute or as small as my previous laptop. Worst of all, it’s not a Sony (gasp!). I still have a strong urge to buy a Sony, but affordability is a huge factor right now. I sort of wish my brand loyalty was with a less expensive brand.

Not Compatible

My new hard drive came in the mail today. I don’t know how to install hard drives, but my dad does. I went to work in the evening, and my dad had installed the hard drive by the time I came home.

I put in the first system recovery CD and the hard drive didn’t seem to recognize it. After restarting the computer a few times, it finally worked. The operating system setup seemed to go smoothly. That is, until I tried to run Windows.

After more restarting, I was able to almost start Windows in safe mode but to no avail. My computer gave me an error message saying that the initial setup was not successful and to try again. Thus, I again put in the first system recovery CD, but I have yet to succeed in running the setup a second time. One can only restart the computer so many times before giving up.

I’ve concluded that the new hard drive is not compatible with my laptop. Because my laptop is four and a half years old, the exact model for my original hard drive is very difficult to find. The new hard drive I bought is a newer model which supposedly replaced the old one, but I guess it isn’t the correct model for me.

Now I’m stuck. I have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of buying a new computer. I will buy a new computer eventually, but I was hoping to wait until I have a higher paying job. My job would then dictate whether I get a laptop or a desktop (though I might still choose the laptop for convenience’ sake).

If I buy a computer now, I would have to rely on my parents for the money. I would try to choose a cheaper model than I would normally consider in order to soften the blow on them. But since I would have the new computer for at least a few years (God willing), I should be thinking of it as an investment and not skip out on quality just because of timing.


Now that my laptop is out of commission, I’m using my dad’s computer to write posts. My dad’s computer is in the living room, so my parents could walk around and see what I’m typing at any time. That bugs me quite a bit, especially when I’m updating this blog. I really don’t like not having my own computer.

The current plan of action is to buy a new hard drive and install it into my old laptop. It would be nice to get a completely new laptop, but I don’t have that kind of money (especially for a Sony, which, of course, is the only brand of laptop I can buy). After all, I work part-time at Target.

I won’t be receiving my new hard drive for a few days (probably not until the end of the week). Hopefully I’ll still be able to update this blog regularly.