March Update

The more I procrastinate writing, the harder it is to come back to write. Here’s a quick update on what happened in the latter half of March.

Last term ended well, for the most part. I had two finals on the same day, the second of which was far more difficult than I had expected. I ended up with an A- in the class, which is subpar for me. I probably deserved a subpar grade though, since I had been pushing aside that class the whole term in order to excel in my more demanding class (which I earned an A in).

The day I had two finals was also my ten-year anniversary of the day I came out (March 14). I wore my It Gets Better shirt in celebration of the fact that it really does get better. I’m not that scared and depressed 18 year old kid anymore. After my exams, I went out for a fancy dinner with my two friends here (the couple who live in my building). Even though I never formally came out to them, I can openly talk to them about anything. They make my life a lot better just by being my friends.

Spring break (last week) was a brief but busy visit home. I had dinner with different friends every night, and I didn’t even see everyone who I wanted to see. I’m either very popular or I have poor planning skills. I’m guessing the latter. Either way, it was great to see old friends, no matter how briefly.

I’m now a few days into the new term. There is already a lot to do (especially from the research I’m doing with my professor – a full update soon), but I always find it difficult to re-motivate myself after a break. Maybe I’ll take the evening off and start fresh in the morning.


2 Responses to “March Update”

  1. Amy Says:

    Need more updates! I need my normal boy fix

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