Car Sharing

Among my two summer opportunities, the computational physics laboratory internship or a more theoretical research assistantship, I chose the theoretical research assistantship. I’m keeping my options open. Since I haven’t decided if I want to pursue a Ph.D. after my master’s degree, choosing to do theoretical research this summer is the best way to try Ph.D. level research and see if it’s right for me. In theory, depending on how well I do/enjoy this summer, I’ll know what to do afterwards.

The topic of my research assistantship is not set in stone yet. My professor does research in a wide range of topics, from abstract math (like group theory and probability theory) to purely applied statistics (like finance and environmental science). While my professor thinks I have the ability to do the most theoretical work (which many statistics students without a solid math background find challenging), he’s giving me the option to choose whatever topic I want for my summer research. I’m really not used to having a professor who is so supportive and flexible!

In other news, I signed up for a car sharing service (also called a car co-op) today! The town around my university is pretty spread out, and I don’t have a car of my own. I usually take public transportation, but it’s pretty time consuming to get anywhere worth going (like Target, for example). I’m often too lazy to go anywhere because everything is too much of a hassle, so hopefully the car sharing service will help. I’m waiting for my application to be approved (for insurance purposes), which will hopefully happen in a day or two. I’ve been waiting to get a haircut. I hope I can get one before my choir concert at the end of the week!


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