Study Group Bonding

This last week and a half has been brutal. My difficult class this term is extremely demanding. I averaged about three hours of sleep a night last week (slept around 5am and got up at 8am most nights) working on my homework from that class, and I still barely finished it half an hour before the deadline. And this was only the first assignment! I have about six or seven left to go!

Because of the length and difficulty of the assignment, a few classmates and I started to study together. I finally started meeting new people! Too bad it has to be through a ridiculously stressful class. At least I’m not going through the class alone. My study group and I are bonding through adversity.

In other news, my brother is in town this week! He just got in this afternoon and will be staying with me until Sunday. He is visiting other people in the area, too, so he (hopefully) won’t bother me too much away from my studies. I went downtown with him for a couple hours, and it felt so nice to get away from campus for a little while. It seemed like it had been ages since I had taken a proper break, even though it’s only been less than three weeks since winter break ended.

Back to studying! It’s going to be a long three months…


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