Full Social Calendar

My final exams were last week. The exam that I thought would be difficult was easy, and the exams that I thought would be easy were difficult. Overall, I didn’t do as well on my exams as I expected, but I was relieved to find out I ended up with straight A’s anyway! Yay! I’m off to a great start in graduate school!

I flew home for the holidays last weekend. Yay for holidays! I love Christmas. After spending the first couple days with my parents, I started making plans with my friends. Within a day, I had the rest of my week planned with social activities.

I had all-you-can-eat sushi with my big sister from (my old) work and her husband two days ago. Yesterday, I had high tea and spent the afternoon at the mall with my old high school friend (the one I lost touch with for ten years), then I had dinner with my best friend from high school (the one getting married in a few weeks and for whom I’m the best man). Tomorrow, I’m having lunch with my other best friend from high school. On Saturday, I’m having brunch with my group of college friends and then going Christmas shopping with my college bestie. I already have a couple vague plans for next week too!

Over the last three months, my only regular non-academic social interaction was having dinner with my two new friends from graduate school about once a week. It’s strange having such a full social calendar, but it’s great!


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