My cold dragged on longer than I had hoped/expected. I went to the campus health center last week to make sure my cold wasn’t something worse. I told the doctor about my trouble sleeping (which was certainly slowing my recovery), and the doctor prescribed a cough suppressant with codeine in it. I had never taken codeine before, so I was scared to take it. I read online that codeine actually turns off the part of your brain that makes you cough!

I’m afraid of brain tumors, so messing with my brain, even temporarily, seems terrifying. My brother (the 4th year medical student – only six months away from being a doctor!) assured me that it was safe, especially since it would help me sleep. I eventually gave in and took it. My body responded quite well to it. I didn’t get drowsy at all, and the cough was gone long enough for me to get a good six hours of sleep each night. That, coupled with the weekend, finally helped me recover from my cold, about two whole weeks after I first got sick.

Even though I started feeling a lot better around the beginning of last weekend, my falsetto didn’t come back in time for my choir concerts. I attended the concerts, but I was in the audience instead of on stage. Choral music is beautiful to listen to, but I enjoy it far more when I’m singing it. I’ll have to make sure to stay healthy for next term’s concerts.

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One Response to “Codeine”

  1. amy Says:

    you’ve never had codeine before? not even tylenol 3? i personally hate the stuff….

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