Harsh And Lenient

Even though I wasn’t confident on two out of three of my midterm exams, I still ended up doing fairly well on all of them. My math exam had the lowest score, which was surprising to me, as I should be the best at linear algebra. I made a couple of “small” mistakes (forgetting to divide by the norm and writing flipping the order of two matrices) that cost me nearly 20 points (out of 100)! The harsh grading was consistent across the class though (the median was 68), so I still have an A after scaling/curving, but the raw score was surprising.

My statistics midterm score was even more surprising. I thought I didn’t translate what I knew very well on paper. When my professor went over the solutions in class, I kept thinking that I made a lot of the most common mistakes. I was sure that I would get around an average score.

Shockingly, through ridiculously lenient grading, I got a 96/100. I look at my solutions now and still have no idea how I only lost four points. Not only that, but the median was around 75, which was lower than my professor’s expectation, so she gave everyone 10 extra points. I ended up with a 106/100, making my statistics score the highest out of my three exams (I got a 118/120, or over 98%, on my computer science exam).

Anyway, it’s always nice when hard work pays off, even when you don’t expect it to. Unfortunately, the hard work comes at a price, too. I started having a scratchy throat last night, and it became very bad today. I usually have a scratchy throat for a few days before it gets this bad, but I woke up today with my sexy voice (an octave or two lower than usual), completely unable to sing. My choir concerts are less than two weeks away, so I hope my voice can come back before then.


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