Exam Traditions

My first week of midterms at Prestigious University was very stressful! All three of my midterms were packed into less than 24 hours. I had a evening midterm for my computer science class on Tuesday and then my statistics and linear algebra midterms back to back on Wednesday afternoon. If that wasn’t bad enough, my statistics professor decided to assign an incredibly long and complicated homework due Tuesday (so as to not “conflict” with our midterm on Wednesday).

I didn’t end up finishing my homework until Tuesday morning, so I wasn’t left with much time to study for any of my exams. I studied what I could, breaking my long-standing rule that I don’t study for an exam on the day of that exam. I did, however, keep my tradition of drinking a Red Bull before my exams. I started that tradition in my freshman year in college when Red Bull first became popular, long before Monster and Rock Star appeared. I try to stay away from energy drinks now except on exam days, but I always stick with Red Bull over other brands because of brand loyalty.

I forgot to wear my lucky underwear on my exam days, but that isn’t as much of a tradition as the Red Bull. I think I did okay on my midterms, given the circumstances. I have a pretty good understanding of everything for all of my classes, but translating that on paper is not always straightforward. I’m least confident about my statistics midterm, which is unfortunate, considering I’m a statistics graduate student. I’m fairly certain everyone else in the class is in the same boat, though, so I should be fine.

The important thing is that my midterms are over! I briefly went to the mall after my midterms on Wednesday to celebrate (I needed dress shirts for my choir concerts anyway). I planned on taking the entire evening off, but I ended up starting my computer science and linear algebra assignments for next week. I may as well get started early while I have the opportunity. Finals are only five weeks away!


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