New Roommate

I finally have a roommate! He came in a couple of hours ago. He’s a second-year graduate student in computer science. He seems like a nice, laid-back guy, at least from the brief conversation I had with him.

At first I thought he might be gay, since he moved in with help from his seemingly-effeminate friend, but after seeing how his suitcase was packed (all of his clothes were just thrown in without organizing or folding at all), it was pretty obvious that he’s a very straight guy. I also eventually found out he has a long-distance girlfriend. I haven’t told him that I’m gay yet, but I plan to as soon as the conversation gets around to it. It shouldn’t be a big deal, and I don’t want to make it one by bringing it up out of context.

Since my apartment only has one bedroom, which I took, my roommate is technically staying in the living room. He told me that he and his girlfriend take turns visiting each other on weekends, so they might get a hotel room when she’s here. It was an awkward thing to hear, but I’m glad he’s open about it!

Having had my apartment to myself for two weeks, I hope having a roommate isn’t too big of an adjustment. I guess I won’t be practicing my singing in my apartment anymore though.

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2 Responses to “New Roommate”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Yeah… I lived with a gay guy for a year, and he was a giant slob. Y’all ain’t always tidy. Watch your biases — even the positive ones. 😉

    • normalboy Says:

      Haha, yea, that was more of a joke. I did maybe think he was gay at first, but the mention of his girlfriend was what really confirmed his straightness. The fact that he’s unorganized probably just means he’s not a Virgo. 🙂

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