I Can Do This

Today was the first day of class, and what a long day it was! I’m still a little unsure of what courses to take, so I audited one of my options from 10-11am. I then had three classes back-to-back in the afternoon from 1pm to 4pm, followed by my choir rehearsal from 7-9:30pm. Rather than walk all the way back to my apartment during each break, I stayed on campus the whole day. I didn’t sleep very well (anxious about classes?) and my right shoulder has been sore all day (no idea why), so I was already exhausted near the start of my twelve hours on campus.

I don’t have much impression on how difficult my classes will be yet, as the first day of any term is usually all about class logistics, but my statistics class on data mining sounds intimidating. I have a feeling all of my classes , even the applied linear algebra one, will be challenging. What I have to remind myself (constantly, it seems) is not to become paralyzed by fear. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Side note: Yes, I chose to take applied linear algebra instead of real analysis. Linear algebra is directly applicable to classes I need for my master’s degree, since my program is meant to prepare me for finding jobs in industry. On the other hand, real analysis is a foundational course for theoretical/mathematical statistics that would be more suitable for staying in academia. If I ever decide to continue on for a PhD, I’ll have time to take real analysis then. Also, as it’s been nearly ten years since I took a linear algebra course, I can use the review.

The first rehearsal of choir was great. I forgot how intense rehearsals can be, but singing in a choir again really brought back a lot of memories of my previous choirs. Quite a few sopranos were initially confused when they saw me sitting in their section (something I’m used to), but the woman next to me was very nice and accepting.

Having been away from proper singing for a few years, my voice hasn’t built its stamina back yet. If I’m properly warmed up, I can sing a high A (A5) with no problem. Towards the end of the two and a half hour long rehearsal, I could barely sing the F (F5). I need to drink more water, less coffee (no small feat), and keep throat lozenges with me at all times. As my high school choir director used to say: “Singing is a physical exercise!”

It was a little disheartening for my voice to give out during rehearsal, but I know I’ll get better as I practice more. I can do this.


2 Responses to “I Can Do This”

  1. Amy Says:

    Peter’s tip for voices: A hot toddy made of hot water, lemon, honey and a shot of whiskey.

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