Birthday Week

My birthday was some time last week. The whole week ended up being a celebration!

Every year since 1996, I’ve been gathering a large group of my friends for my birthday. It started out with my high school friends, and I slowly added my college friends. My high school friends and college friends never mingled very well (they always stuck with their own groups), so my one birthday party started feeling like two separate parties happening at the same time.

This year, I decided to try separating the groups into two parties on different days. I hosted the parties on consecutive Saturdays. Both parties had different vibes to them; the college party was smaller and more intimate, while the high school party was larger and had more alcohol.

As a special bonus, my sister and brother-in-law surprised me by coming to my high school party! I invited them to both parties (they somehow get along with all of my friends), but they told me they couldn’t come to either one. I don’t see my sister as often as I would like to, so it’s always great to spend some time with her.

During the week between the two Saturday parties, I visited the Canadian city where I went to graduate school (the first time). It had been almost two years since my last visit, but the city still felt like home. Many of the people I knew from graduate school have already moved on with their lives and left the city, but I still got to see most of my friends who are still in town.

I stayed with my best friends from graduate school who had twins in June. Their babies are so adorable! I helped (or at least tried to help) my friends take care of the twins by being an extra set of eyes and arms whenever I was needed (except I still haven’t learned how to change a diaper). There are few feelings as amazing as having a baby fall asleep in your arms. It makes me really want one of my own.

As the final icing on the cake, my best friend from elementary school was in town earlier this week, so we got to hang out for an evening. I’m glad I got to see so many of my friends before I move away to my new graduate school. I only have a few days left at home!


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