Biological Clocks Are Ticking

I heard a couple bits of great news today!

I found out through a Facebook status update that two of my friends from graduate school got married last week! Considering how sudden and nonchalant the status update was, I assume the wedding was small with only the closest family and friends present. The news really took me by surprise, even though it shouldn’t have. My friends have been together for quite a few years (they got together when I was still in graduate school), and they really are perfect for each other.

A couple hours later, a college friend instant messaged me on Facebook (yes, I’m on Facebook a lot these days), and she told me she just got engaged! I had found out she was pregnant only about a month ago, and now she’s getting married too! It’s just one surprise after another!

As I had mentioned in previous posts, my best friend from high school is getting married in January (and planning on children in 2012), my best friends from graduate school had twins a couple months ago, and my married friends from high school had their baby in May. So many of my friends lately are getting married, having babies, or both! I feel like we’re all still kids, but I have to keep reminding myself that my friends and I are in our late twenties (or early thirties for some of us). Our biological clocks must be starting to tick more loudly now. Well, mine isn’t ticking so loudly just yet, but everyone else’s seems to be.

Side note: My mom always seems surprised (almost offended?) when I tell her about my friends who are having/had children before they got married. I always forget that my mom is more traditional than I realize.


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