My Mormon Study Buddy

I hung out with my undergrad study buddy yesterday (although technically we’re not study buddies anymore). We were supposed to have another Merlin Marathon (it would have been our fourth), but we instead decided to watch four episodes of Glee and only one episode of Merlin. I also showed her some clips from Verbotene Liebe!

I was with my study buddy when my high school bestie (the one for whom I’m the best man) sent me a text message telling me the news that Proposition 8 was overturned. I’ve known for a long time that my study buddy is (fairly devoutly) Mormon, but we had never discussed Proposition 8 or gay marriage until after I told her about the ruling yesterday. She told me that she had voted “Yes” on Proposition 8 because of the belief system under which she was raised.

My study buddy obviously doesn’t have any problem with gay people: she’s friends with me, and her best friend from college is gay. She would never want to hinder anyone’s happiness, but she believes (I assume) in the religious definition that marriage is a religious contract between a man and a woman. She acknowledged that the Mormon church helped fund support for Proposition 8, but she doesn’t believe that that is the same as denouncing homosexuality. For her, Proposition 8 is not an issue of morality but an issue of religious tradition.

While I don’t agree with her, I understand her position. Because I know her, I don’t believe that she is blindly following her faith, but religion and religious traditions are certainly very important to her. I would never try to convince her that her beliefs are wrong; that would be hypocritical. Likewise, she doesn’t impose her beliefs on me. I can’t take her stance on gay marriage personally, since I understand that her intention is not malicious or discriminatory. All we can do is agree to disagree.

I was, of course, excited about the overturning of Proposition 8, but I knew the Proposition 8 supporters would appeal the decision immediately anyway. Still, a small victory is still a victory, even if it’s just one battle in the war.


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