Uninvited Wedding Gift

My first college roommate and I never really got along. While we had nothing against each other, we never were very close either. The dorm room we shared in our freshman year was split in half by an invisible line. My roommate had the left side of the room, I had the right, and we always stayed on our own sides. If we were ever in the room at the same time, we would keep to ourselves, rarely saying a word to each other. It wasn’t nearly as awkward as it sounds.

Even though we weren’t close, my roommate and I shared the same circle of friends all throughout college. We occasionally made small talk at social gatherings, which somehow became easier after we stopped sharing a room, but we would never made an effort to hang out by ourselves.

My college bestie recently told me that my old roommate is getting married later this summer. She was invited to the wedding. I wasn’t, of course, but I wasn’t expecting to be. I overheard my college bestie talking to a mutual college friend about where my old roommate and his fiancée registered for wedding gifts. A couple of the stores where they registered have online stores as well, so I decided to look at the registries online.

Since I wasn’t invited to the wedding, I know that I’m not obligated to buy a wedding gift. Even still, I like to think that my old roommate and I are friends on some level, so I bought a gift anyway. I had the online store add a little note sending my old roommate and his fiancée my congratulations and well wishes, and that was that.

Is it weird that I bought a gift for a wedding to which I wasn’t invited?


One Response to “Uninvited Wedding Gift”

  1. Amy Says:

    yup. it’s weird. but nice… Gifts are appreciated, especially from off of a registery. Sorry about the lack of pep, but i’m tired.

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