First Weekend of Freedom

After the ridiculous amount of studying and the lack of sleep I had over the last two or three months, I still can’t quite believe the term is over. I now have about three months until I start graduate school!

My summer vacation already started with seeing a lot of friends. Last Friday night, I went to West Hollywood to celebrate my gay college friend’s birthday. It also happened to be LA Pride weekend, so the clubs in WeHo were even more packed than usual. It was great fun. I’m not into the club scene, but the focus of the night was to hang out with friends, which I’m always up for.

On Saturday, I attended a birthday BBQ party for my best friend from high school. My high school bestie’s birthday was last week, but he postponed his party so that I could attend (since he knew I had finals last week). I got to see some high school friends who I haven’t seen for at least six months. My married high school friend and his wife were there with their month-old baby! I got to hold her! She is so small and so cute. She didn’t like me though; she was crying almost the whole time I held her.

I didn’t actually get to talk to my high school bestie much during his party, but I got a chance to catch up with him as I was leaving. I had already said goodbye for the evening and was standing outside his front door, but one small conversation led to another. We ended up spending half an hour in his front doorway. It was a little chilly outside, but I’m glad I didn’t leave the party without having a good chat with him.

Finally, I had lunch on Sunday with my other best friend from high school (I really need to come up with more ways to describe my friends). Hanging out with my friends is my favorite thing to do, so my first weekend of freedom was amazing. I hope every weekend this summer can be like this!

Extra note: My best friend from graduate school just had twins! Best weekend ever! I can’t wait to see her and her babies next month!


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