A PowerPoint Away From Summer

My parents had to drive up to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend to tend to my brother’s condo after both of his tenants moved out at the same time, so I had the house all to myself for three days. I stayed at home and did homework almost the whole time, only leaving the house for food. It was surprisingly lonely. I probably would have gone crazy if I hadn’t had a small break Sunday night to see Shrek Forever After with my best friend from high school.

This exhausting school term is finally almost over. I’m nearing the end of the last week of classes. In a little over a week, my summer vacation will begin. Unfortunately, before the week is over, I have two take home finals to take, a final project to finish, and a PowerPoint presentation to give on said project.

Given my standing in my classes, I’m not really worried about my finals. I’m most worried about the PowerPoint presentation. I’ve only ever used PowerPoint once in my life (during my sales job almost two years ago). Also, because of how my take home finals are scheduled, I will most likely only have one day to create the PowerPoint slides. Scary!


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