Lost Together

As excited as I was yesterday for the Lost finale, I didn’t end up getting a chance to watch it until today. I planned out my day and reserved two hours to watch it in the afternoon. I found a small private corner of the campus library so I could have complete focus and no distractions.

As I had previously mentioned, my brother got me addicted to Lost over winter break. He sat me down and we watched seven or eight episodes a day (at least) for a week straight. After the break, he went back to medical school, and I was on my own to finish the first five seasons. Once I caught up and started watching the final (sixth) season as they came out every week, my brother and I would watch each week’s episode at different times (depending on our schedules) and email each other when we had finished so we could discuss it during our weekly phone calls (my brother calls home every weekend).

Interestingly, I finished watching the finale around 4:50pm and immediately went to email my brother and found an email from my brother stating that he had just finished it too! The timestamp on his email was 4:49pm, which means we we were watching it at the same time! It’s somehow fitting that we finished the series together even though we’re miles away from each other.

I called my brother right away and we talked for half an hour about our thoughts on the finale. Basically, we both loved it. It was a very emotional and satisfying ending. It’s been six hours since I finished it, and I’m still thinking about it.


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