My Favorite Mechanical Pencil

I love office supplies. There was a big one-day sale at the university bookstore yesterday, so I went shopping for office supplies (I should probably call them school supplies, considering I’m not working in an office anymore).

Whenever I’m in a store that sells office supplies, I usually gravitate towards the mechanical pencils. As a math student (and now a statistics student), I prefer using pencils over pens. While I like the smell of wood pencils, the points become dull far too quickly, so I always use mechanical pencils. My lead preference is 0.5mm, softness B (HB is way too hard).

Many years ago (high school), a girl I may or may not have liked gave me a mechanical pencil as a gift. She said she got it somewhere in Europe (Sweden maybe?). The pencil is thin and made of brushed steel. It looks very similar to the Pilot Birdie but maybe a little bigger. Anyway, that pencil is now my favorite pencil, except that I never use it because I don’t want to wear it out. Ever since I received that gift, I’ve been searching for the perfect mechanical pencil.

The university bookstore has a terrible selection of mechanical pencils, but the sale yesterday reignited my passion for mechanical pencils. After searching around online, the pencil I currently want is the Sheaffer Sentinel in a chrome/nickel finish. My top choices always resemble my favorite pencil. The only problem with the Sentinel is that it uses 0.7mm lead. That’s almost a deal breaker.

Meanwhile, I found an extensive blog of a guy who’s even more obsessed about mechanical pencils than me! I’m glad I’m not the only one!


2 Responses to “My Favorite Mechanical Pencil”

  1. Lisa S. Says:

    I know it’s not a sexy one, but this one’s my favorite:

    I tend toward a bit of arthritis in my hands, so the ergonomic grip on it is wicked helpful if I have to do a lot of writing.

  2. normalboy Says:

    Ha! I like that you called the pencils sexy.

    I like the Dr. Grip too, but I ironically always thought it was too expensive. I don’t usually use fancy pencils. While I obsess over sexy pencils, I usually buy the kind that are $1.99 for a dozen… The pencil I use most often is one of those cheap plastic BIC pencils with a rubber grip and a colored clip. It’s nice looking, comfortable, and easily replaceable.

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