On Call

The last few weeks have been beyond busy. I decided to work extra hard early in the weekend so that I could take yesterday off from studying. I had a homework assignment due today, so I stayed up until 3am Friday and Saturday night to finish it.  The assignment wasn’t difficult (for me at least) because it was mostly a review of linear algebra (one of my favorite subjects), but I had to make my homework look perfect. I started typing all of my homework (for all of my classes) in LaTeX because it’s faster for me to type in TeX than to make impeccable handwritten homework. I’m finally coming to terms with how obsessive compulsive my perfectionism is.

I decided to go to the mall for my day off. Right before I was going to go, my undergrad study buddy called me for help on the homework assignment. I spent so much time with the material and the exercises that I could answer her questions without even referencing my work. After I helped her with the problem at hand, I went to the mall.

During the three hours (roughly) that I was at the mall, I received a text message from my undergrad study buddy about every five minutes. She called me a couple times for some longer questions. I don’t mind helping my study buddy. I wasn’t annoyed at all; I found it amusing.

Not more than 20 minutes after the final call from my study buddy, I got a call from another friend from my class. He also had a question about the homework (one of the same questions I had answered for my study buddy earlier). He text messaged me a few times later in the evening, too. I wasn’t annoyed by his questions, either, mostly because he’s cute.

I don’t mind tutoring at all. I like teaching. Helping other people is beneficial for me, too, because it solidifies the material in my head. Teaching is always the best way to learn. It’s funny, though, that I would continue to answer questions on my “day off” from schoolwork. I feel like I’m on call for tutoring at all times.


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