School Takes Over

My classes this term are very demanding. One in particular takes up the most of my time and gives me the most stress, so I’m almost always working on something. I lost at least an hour of sleep every night last week. Compared to my usual six hours a night, I only had five. Even the weekend wasn’t any better. I didn’t go outside all weekend, and I slept after 3am two nights in a row.

My demanding class has a final project that we’re expected to work on for the entire term. My professor has us turning in a section of it every Friday until we’re done. I like having a forced timeline so that I don’t procrastinate and can’t finish the project (these things always take longer than I expect), but the constant pressure of turning in something substantial every week is exhausting.

Basically, school has taken over my life (again). The only people I hang out with these days are my undergrad study buddy and my tutees (i.e., other students in my classes who ask me questions almost every day). It’s a good thing I like what I do, otherwise I would have gone crazy a long time ago. I wonder if graduate school will be like this.


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