The Big Decision

The two main contenders were the Canadian university (where I earned my master’s in math) and the prestigious university. As I narrowed down my decision throughout the week, I slowly declined the offers from the other universities. To really make my decision final, I had to formally eliminate everything else first.

Thursday evening. I called my best friends from graduate school (the math one) for their input on which offer to choose. Of course, whatever decision I made had to be my own. They helped me weigh the pros and cons to each, always trying to stay logical and impartial, which is exactly what I wanted. They said there was no bad decision and that they would love me either way. I needed to hear that too.

Shortly after my phone call with my friends, I already knew what my decision would be, but I wasn’t ready to formalize it. I instead watched The Princess And The Frog. Great movie. Interestingly, there is a recurring theme in the movie of figuring out the difference between what you want and what you need that was oddly appropriate for my current situation.

After midnight on Thursday, with cold hands and a black pen, I formally declined the offer to the Canadian university. When I thought about which university was truly the best choice for my long-term future, I had to choose the prestigious university.

Friday. My celebration day. Having made my decision, the weight I had been carrying for a month was lifted. I drove to my undergrad study buddy’s apartment in the morning for part two of our Merlin Marathon. She made me a chocolate-chip pancake breakfast while I told her about my decision. The prestigious university in question is actually her dream school, so she was very excited for me. We watched five episodes of Merlin with barely any interruptions. Awesome.

Friday evening. I had dinner with my best friend from college. To celebrate my decision, she took me out to a fancy restaurant called Upstairs 2. The menu is based around selecting small mini-courses and wine to pair with them (you know the restaurant is fancy because it involves wine). The experience was excellent and very fun, although I know very little about wine (besides that I like it). Afterwards, we watched He’s Just Not That Into You. I had seen it before (she hadn’t), but I forgot a lot of it and noticed new things. I did remember, however, that I don’t like Scarlett Johansson‘s character.


4 Responses to “The Big Decision”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Ugh, I don’t like Scarlett Johannson at ALL. She’s an awful actress.

    Congratulations on the decision. I’d love to know which prestigious university it is; I’m not very far from many of them. 🙂

  2. amy Says:

    congrats! you can still visit us…. we love you!

  3. Monte_Carlo Says:

    So you decided on doctorate or master’s?

    • normalboy Says:

      I decided on master’s. One of my life mottos this last year has been “one step at a time.” Even if I (or other people) think I’m ready for a Ph.D., I don’t want to jump into something I’m not ready for. I’ve been burned by that before.

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