Apple Geniuses

About a week ago, my iPod touch started acting up. It restarted itself and was stuck on the Apple logo startup screen. I took my iPod to the local Apple store, where an Apple Genius put my iPod into recovery mode and wiped it clean. That night, however, after I painstakingly reloaded everything (I sort everything manually because I’m very particular about organization), my iPod restarted itself again. I wiped it clean myself and started over.

The weekend went by without further incident. After I returned from my trip to Monterey and charged my iPod, it restarted itself yet again. Something was definitely wrong. And as luck would have it, my one-year warranty expired less than a week ago.

I returned to the Apple store yesterday, and I explained my situation to another Apple Genius. He ran some diagnostics but couldn’t find anything to solve the problem. He then checked my warranty status. In a quiet voice, he told me that since I was only a few days out of warranty, he would overlook it and replace my iPod for free! After a quick scan of some serial numbers and a couple signatures, I got a brand new iPod touch!

Yay for Apple Geniuses! Such great service!


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