Six Hour Drive

I have a friend from college who moved up from LA to Monterey about a year and a half ago who I haven’t seen since then. We were/are good friends, though it was shaky a long time ago. He’s a devout Christian who was taught that homosexuality is a sin, so you can imagine that coming out to him was not easy (I still remember it pretty well). Side note: Before I came out, I used to go to church with him. Crazy, I know.

Anyway. Since I’m on spring break, I planned a road trip to visit him! He’s about six hours north from me, so this will be the longest drive I’ve ever made on my own (twice as long as my drive to Big Bear Lake). It’s hard to believe that I was afraid to drive on the freeway only a little more than two years ago. I will leave in about ten minutes and won’t be back until Sunday! Should be a great weekend!


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