A Little Off

I think I need a break. For the past week or so, I’ve noticed that I get antsy for my classes to end. I can’t concentrate during class, and I’m constantly looking at my watch. I’m procrastinating much more than usual, and I have a difficult time focusing on homework.

I also haven’t been sleeping very well. I haven’t been able to sleep earlier than 1:30am, when I usually try to sleep closer to midnight.

I used to play the same albums on repeat for weeks, but lately I’ve been sick of all the music on my iPod (not just the ones I usually listen to). I can’t stay on a single song these days without changing it halfway through.

I’m not sure what’s going on, but I feel a little off. Maybe I’m depressed? Moody? Stressed? All of the above?

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7 Responses to “A Little Off”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    lol yes these things happen. Try a brisk walk in the morning and evening, pig out some times, and take a few nights off from studying. Relax and don’t push yourself to be productive… just screw around for a few days. You’ll feel a lot better I think. 🙂

    • normalboy Says:

      I don’t have time to take nights off from studying. I’ve procrastinated too much already. Finals are coming up too.

      Pigging out doesn’t have the same effect that it used to. I feel guilty afterwards, which doesn’t help anything.

  2. Monte_Carlo Says:

    I wonder, how many classes are you taking per semester? I gather you have masters in mathematics and now you take undergraduate courses in statistics to prepare for admission to masters program in statistics?

    • normalboy Says:

      You are correct. I am taking four classes right now, although one of them is a seminar course that doesn’t have homework (the lectures are long and late in the day though).

      • Monte_Carlo Says:

        Pretty impressive, especially after job hiatus. I don’t mean to belabor your credentials, but out of curiosity, how high is your GRE, verbal and quantitative? Only because I’m in a kinda same boat: finished with masters in life science, continued education in computer science (i.e. undergrad coursework) and look forward to Ph.D. in comp science.

      • normalboy Says:

        My GRE score was in a fairly high percentile, but I could/should have done better if I had studied more. I only had one day of actually studying.

        What’s more important than the GRE are the letters of recommendation, your grades, and your personal statement. If you have a strong application in general, the GRE is more of a formality. That’s the impression I get, anyway.

      • Amy Says:

        I’m tired too. I have only 2 weeks of the semester, and I just need to get everything done on time! But it is important to relax and spend time doing something fun. Otherwise you’ll just burn out, and that’s no good.

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