When One Door Closes…

Late last week, I received a rejection letter to one of my top three choices for graduate school. I was disappointed, but it was still early. I had not heard back from very many schools yet. But today, I received emails from two universities accepting me to their graduate programs, one of which is from one of my top three choices!

The top choice that accepted me is the same school from which I had previously earned my master’s degree in math (it’s in Canada). The other school that accepted me is in southern California, and it’s neither a backup nor one of the top three choices.

When one door closes, two more open. I still have to wait for more acceptances and/or rejections before I can make my final decision. The more doors that open, the more difficult to choose which door to take. But two acceptance emails sure makes for an exciting day!

Time to celebrate with some Lost and Merlin!


6 Responses to “When One Door Closes…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Don’t let anyone make your decision for you. Then again, we’d love to have you up in Canada! Plus, I could always use a baby-holder / babysitter

  2. Pixie Says:

    Yay! Congrats. 🙂

  3. Elissa Says:

    Whoa! Back to (Previous Grad School)? I wonder what it would be like, the second time around. Probably amazing (although less good because I wouldn’t be there). Congrats Mike! This all sounds very exciting.

    Speaking of very exciting, Amy above are you the Amy that I went to (Previous Grad School) with? In which case, are you expecting?! HOLY MACARONI that is wonderful (even if you aren’t that Amy).

    YAY everyone!

    Edited by normalboy: Sorry, I try not to include the names of the schools to protect some small level of anonymity.

    • normalboy Says:

      Thanks, Elissa! It’s true, the second time around would be very different without you. I definitely have to remember that things won’t be the same this time.

      It would be nice to be up in Canada again. I do love it up there.

  4. Amy Says:

    Yup, it’s me. And I am expecting…. twins! It’s a bit of a shock. A lot of a shock!

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