I don’t remember the circumstances (I think I was looking up something about Anthony Stewart Head), but I found this UK show called Merlin (I know I’m late. The show started in 2008. I don’t watch much new TV, so I just heard about this now).

The show follows Merlin and Prince Arthur when they were young adults. Due to a ban on using magic, Merlin has to hide his magical abilities while still protecting Prince Arthur, as it is his destiny to help Arthur become the Once and Future King. I love Arthurian legend (much like how I love Greek mythology), and the notion of destiny is always interesting (even Lost is about destiny).

Think Smallville but a couple thousand years earlier. Actually, the parallel to Smallville comes from more than just the premise. The episodic storylines play out like early Smallville episodes (or the Sailor Moon anime, actually).

Anyway. I watched the first six episodes in the last couple days, and it’s awesome. Yes, it’s cheesy and isn’t nearly as epic or have as high of production value as Lost, but it’s very entertaining. It helps that Colin Morgan (who plays Merlin) and Bradley James (who plays Arthur) are very cute (especially Colin), and almost every scene they have together has some sort of homoerotic undertones (it’s very bromantic). I’d also like to add that I love British and Irish accents.

This show is just another addition to my long list of guilty pleasures, like listening to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and watching kids’ movies by myself.


One Response to “Merlin”

  1. The Fortress Guys Says:

    Smallville? Interesting, but kind of fits.

    Here is my take on season 3 with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

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