First Rejection Letter

My throat doesn’t feel sore anymore, but my voice still sounds funny. My voice dropped about an octave, as it usually does after a sore throat. I call it my sexy voice. Unfortunately, I can only hit about a quarter of the notes in my usual vocal range. Sexiness has a price.

In other news, I received my first rejection letter yesterday (via email). It was from one of my top three choices (I haven’t decided the ordering among the three). I can’t necessarily expect to be accepted to every school to where I applied, but it was still a little surprising.

I went to a Chinese Spring Festival (i.e., New Year) Celebration Concert with my parents last night. My dad picked me up from school right after my midterm to meet my mom at the theatre. My mom got free tickets (they were worth $80 apiece) so she guilted me into going. There were a few renowned performers and singers (some of them had performed at the Olympics and/or for the President), so my parents were ecstatic. Meanwhile, I was not in the best mood (having been rejected), tired, and half-sick. I just wanted to go home. I was told the concert would last two hours, but it actually lasted three and a half hours. With no intermission.

I told myself I would take a day off today to recuperate and clear my mind. No studying and no parents. I went to see Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by myself. I actually like going to movie theatres by myself, especially to see movies that none of my friends want to see. I really liked the movie. I’m a big fan of fantasy/adventure movies (even ones for kids), and Greek mythology was one of my favorite subjects in elementary school.

Anyway. I’m not too depressed (anymore) about being rejected. I’m just not meant to go to that school. My destiny lies elsewhere.


3 Responses to “First Rejection Letter”

  1. ryushidude Says:

    I don’t know why but I don’t think I could ever go to the cinema on my own, I should try it at least once though, but thankfully my girlfriend tends to put up with most of the action movies I want to see!

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better… I also love going to movies… or just watching them … by myself. I seem to react much more strongly to the film’s emotional content when I’m alone. I must unknowingly hold back on emotions in public, or I get distracted or something…

  3. Amy Says:

    I applied to 12 grad schools and got into 4. I was rejected from – what was at the time – some of my top choices. The school I chose (where we met) was a backup school, I even got into ones higher on my list, but as soon as I visited, I knew it was right for me.

    I too love movies alone.

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