An Edge

I have a TA for one of my classes who is a master’s student in statistics, much like I hope to be (he’s also really cute, but that’s not the point of this post). After our discussion section today, I walked with him back to the statistics department (I was going in that direction anyway, I swear) to chat a little about statistics and graduate school.

I had talked to him before, so he already knows who I am and that I have a master’s in math. He told me that he had been doing research in (a science) for a couple years but discovered that he needed to know more techniques in data analysis in order to do well in his area. He had only taken a couple math and statistics courses in his undergrad before going to graduate school, so he felt very overwhelmed when he first started (much like I did when I went to graduate school the first time). He said I’m going to have a great advantage from having such a strong math and statistics background.

I originally thought I was taking classes to be on par with everyone else, but I might actually end up with an edge. Seems like my decision to take undergraduate statistics classes as preparation was a good one!


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