Another Essay

I’m trying to write an essay for a scholarship at my backup school (my undergraduate university). Who knew I would have to write so many essays for a statistics program? I already wrote two for the main application!

As usual, I have severe writer’s block. I wonder if it’s because I’m trying too hard, or if it’s because I don’t really want to go to that school. I haven’t heard much from other schools yet (it’s still early), so I shouldn’t be picky at this point.

Maybe I just need to sleep on it. I hope my mind is clearer tomorrow.


One Response to “Another Essay”

  1. ryushidude Says:

    I’m not a great writer, but lately I’ve been thinking of practicing by coming up with some narratives in my head and just writing them somewhere. Something akin to short stories? Perchance that may help. Also sleep is good.

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