Study-Free Weekend

I had a midterm on Friday. I wasn’t assigned any new homework for my other classes yet, so I had a rare study-free weekend.

I went to a party last night with one of my best friends from high school. The party was held at his coworker’s apartment. I had met the coworker before, so it wasn’t awkward being there, but I didn’t know anyone else. I was a little timid at first, but after enough glasses of sparkling wine and shots of vodka and rum, I was mingling with new people in no time.

Even if I’ve had alcohol, I usually don’t summon the courage to talk to gay guys. There’s something intimidating about them. But last night was different. I ended up having a long chat with one of the two gay guys there (excluding me). No, I wasn’t flirting with him. The other gay guy was actually his boyfriend (who was very cute). What’s interesting to me is that I didn’t feel nervous about talking to him. The fact that I wasn’t trying to flirt probably alleviated some fear, but I also just felt comfortable at the party. I wasn’t self-conscious at all.

I have noticed, though, that I generally feel more peaceful and self-confident lately. My perspective is far more positive than it was even a year ago. I think a large part of my new optimism is due to my best friend from elementary school, and the other part is that I’m studying something I love and am working toward something. It’s a good feeling.

Anyway. It was a good party. It reminded me of college. I haven’t been very social lately (besides tutoring students in my class), so it was nice to get out and meet new people.


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