Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)

I was listening to my iPod nano today and stumbled upon this song I haven’t heard in a while. I first heard this song from my old roommate in graduate school. It’s called “Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)” by The Klein Four. Years later and this song still makes me laugh. The lyrics are only funny to math geeks like me, though.

I still reminisce about the days when I was math graduate student. I had a lengthy phone call with my two best friends from graduate school yesterday, so I’ve been in a nostalgic mood. I definitely need to visit them.

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2 Responses to “Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)”

  1. Lisa Says:

    OK, completely unrelated, but have you seen this blog?

    • normalboy Says:

      Hahaha! No, I hadn’t seen it before. That’s hilarious and so true of fobby moms!

      My mom, however, isn’t a fob. She’s been in the US for over 40 years and used to teach English in Taiwan. I’m guessing she’s written more essays in English than I have!

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