Lost Focus

The new school term started two weeks ago, but I haven’t been studying constantly the way I was last term. Maybe my classes are starting out slowly, but I don’t feel as focused as I did three months ago. For example, instead of spending this whole weekend studying, I slept in, watched 13 episodes of Lost, and saw Youth In Revolt with my best friend from high school. I finished my homework that’s due on Wednesday, but I haven’t written up the assignment due Friday. If this was three months ago, I would have finished both assignments and maybe even read ahead a little. I wonder if I’m burnt out from studying so much before.

Side note: I mentioned in passing that my brother has been trying to get me addicted to Lost. He succeeded. I started from the first episode a little bit before Christmas, and now I’m three episodes into the fifth season (i.e., I’ve watched 89 episodes in about four weeks). The sixth and final season starts in February; I didn’t think I’d be caught up by then, but it’s definitely likely now. Interestingly, I mentioned Lost in the comments of one of my posts over a year ago.

A couple weeks ago, I had a conversation with one of my professors from last term. She mentioned that studying all the time and worrying about being perfect is not healthy. It’s true; I got sick three or four times last term, whereas I usually only get sick once every year or two. Maybe my lack of focus lately is a blessing in disguise.


2 Responses to “Lost Focus”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Glad you are learning to take a more balanced approach to your life! I think it’s good.

    And yes, LOST is amazing!

  2. Sika Says:

    Great job on catching up on Lost! Even if I’ve seen them all so far, I’m thinking about watching them all again before the final season begins.

    We are pretty psyched here at the office about seeing the ending of LOST, and as part of our comedy web series “Lunki and Sika” we made our latest episode an homage to the show.


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