Short Day At Work

It’s definitely a different feeling walking into the building where I no longer worked, like a distant dream. The new salesperson was the first person I saw when I walked in, but he knew to expect me. I walked through the front entrance to find my big sister from work. We decided to have lunch before I started working.

We had frozen yogurt at our old usual place. The people at the frozen yogurt shop still recognized me (I used to go almost every day). I chose to eat frozen yogurt because I felt like I’ve been overeating lately and I wanted to lose some weight. Unfortunately, it was a chilly day (for LA, which is like 75 degrees Fahrenheit), so we both had goosebumps by the time we finished.

My job today was basically to help the new salesperson with a few procedural tasks and answer any questions he or my big sister from work had about the various accounts I used to manage. I’m very efficient, apparently, because I was done after only two hours! I got a sad, sad paycheck. I wonder if the paper that the check is printed on is worth more than the amount written on it. I should have talked more slowly!

On the bright side, I was very surprised by how much I remember about my old sales job. Considering I left the sales department almost a year ago (mid-February last year), my sales brain started working almost immediately. I found myself saying and analyzing things the way that my old friend/boss did when he used to explain them to me. It’s nice to know that I learned a lot from the job, as short-lived and seemingly irrelevant as it is to my current/future path.

Before I left my old company, I chatted and said bye to my old boss. She acted the way that we had when things were good between us, with only a few awkward silences. I almost wasn’t going to say anything to her at all, but I felt like I should be polite.

After business hours, I met up with my big sister from work, her boyfriend, and the new salesperson (who “just happens to be” her boyfriend’s younger brother) for Korean tofu at BCD Tofu House. The food was amazing, but it offset the light lunch I had. Perhaps I should have controlled myself, but who can resist bulgogi?


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