About a month after my old friend/boss left my old company (back in November), my old work crush left too. The only person who is still there with whom I have any emotional interest is my big sister from work, who took over for my friend/boss when he left.

Now that the “good” people have left (and some of the “not good” people were fired), my big sister at work had to hire a new salesperson. Unfortunately, almost a year after I left the sales department, I’m the only one who remembers how to do all the little tasks that the new person needs to learn. It makes sense actually; I trained everyone else, and now everyone else is no longer with the company.

My big sister from work emailed me earlier in the week to ask me a question about a task I used to do. After I gave her a detailed response, she replied asking if I could go into the office for half a day to help train the new salesperson. I would be a consultant for my old job. If it was anyone else asking (like, for example, my old boss who didn’t talk to me for the last six months of my employment), I probably would have said no immediately.

Lucky for her, my Thursdays are completely open this term. Tomorrow afternoon, I’m going back to work!

And yes, they’re paying me. My big sister from work offered me a rate that’s higher than when I was working there!

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Very cool! 🙂

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