Late Retrospective

My brother and I spent New Year’s Eve (and New Year’s Day) with my sister in Irvine (where she lives). It was a low-key celebration, but we were able to see distant fireworks over Disneyland from my sister’s window!

Now for my resolution retrospective. I didn’t do very well on last year’s New Year’s resolutions. I had four:

 1. I want to be more conservative with my money. Since I started working full time, I’ve been better about not wasting as much money buying unnecessary knick-knacks, but there are other ways I can cut corners as well. With my impending move to the accounting department (and the dramatic pay cut that goes with it), I’m going to need to save even more than before. No more 4 dollar mochas from Starbucks for a while.

Because I went back to school and voluntarily left my job, I’ll excuse myself for breaking this resolution. I try to be conservative with my money, but any amount of money I spend is technically negative already because I don’t have income anymore.

2. My house is full of boxes from when I moved back from both college and graduate school. The amount of stuff I’ve kept over the years is overwhelming. I need to sit down and sort through everything, getting rid of items I don’t need and organizing (and maintaining) the things I keep in a neat and orderly manner. This task is long overdue.

I actually didn’t lift a finger for this resolution until a few weeks ago. Whenever my brother comes home for his breaks from medical school, one of his main missions is to clean the house of all the useless clutter. I usually lack motivation to clean when my brother isn’t home, but I did a large amount of cleaning and organizing when he was home for Christmas. I can see the top of my desk now!

3. Since I started my current job seven months ago, I’ve gained about ten pounds. I’ve been to the gym at most three times. I’m still at a very ideal weight, and I try to limit my intake of unhealthy foods, but I definitely don’t feel as healthy as I’d like to be. I would like to either go back to the gym on a regular basis or figure out a way to exercise regularly so that I can feel healthier and not have to worry about gaining all my weight back.

For about a month or two toward the end of summer, I went on nightly walks with my parents to lower my mom’s cholesterol level. That, in combination with watching what I ate (without true dieting) helped me lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, I was a bit too enthusiastic about the holidays, so I gained everything back during my winter break. My weight ended up breaking even in 2009. As I said last year, my weight is still “ideal,” but I would still like to lose my somewhat flabby midsection.

4. While I started The Great Photo Project a while ago, there is a long way to go. My brother is pushing me to continue as well. I started strong, but I lost motivation and it started to feel more like a chore than a hobby. I would like to keep up my motivation and make a lot of progress with this project. I think the end result is important and will outweigh any temporary frustrations I have with the project.

The only progress I made for this resolution was when I scanned pictures of my sister’s childhood for her wedding slideshow, so I really made no progress at all.

Now for my new resolutions:

1. I have been terrible at updating this blog lately. When I started this blog, I strived to post something every day. I can’t even update every three weeks anymore! I would like to get back into blogging regularly.

2. As I mentioned above, my flabby midsection needs to go. I’m never going to have a swimmer’s body at this rate. I’m still deciding whether I have the energy/time to go to the gym, but I have to start exercising again for my mental and physical well-being.

I seem to have fewer resolutions each year. I will try to add more later (even though I’m already ten days late. Happy 2010 everyone!


5 Responses to “Late Retrospective”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I hate to sound negative but honestly I try to not make New Year’s resolutions because I never meet them.

    Rather than meet with defeat I just avoid the questions entirely.

    Though perhaps working towards something is reward enough. I hope you remain upbeat about your goals!

    • normalboy Says:

      I never used to make New Year’s resolutions either until I started this blog. I like having a list of goals that I would like to accomplish, and I like being able to look back and reflect on the resolutions the following year.

      I don’t necessarily feel bad if I break my resolutions. I take them in stride. If I make a positive change, then great, but if not, oh well. Maybe I’m just optimistic. Also, I like making lists. 🙂

      Side note: I wasn’t always optimistic. But life is so much easier with a more positive perspective.

  2. Jonathan Says:

    I linked to a program as my “website” that may explain some things about what you do or don’t do…

  3. Amy Says:

    I still haven’t written my resolutions yet…. however, I finally get to concentrate on gaining weight. My milkshake diet has gained me several pounds so far, and I hope to gain more in the future. 🙂

    My advice: Make at least one resolution that you know you can keep. Something like, “Keep up the good work doing blah blah blah.”

    I support the blogging resolution. I love this blog!

    • normalboy Says:

      Hooray for milkshakes! I also hope you gain more in the future. I would go on your diet with you, but that might contradict my own resolution. 🙂

      I actually have a “keep up the good work doing statistics” resolution in the back of my mind, but I haven’t been able to have the same focus this term that I had last term (yet). Although, it might be better for my health if I don’t stress myself out as much as I did last term.

      The blogging resolution is really my main goal. When I started this blog two years ago, a whole month with only one post would have been unacceptable. I didn’t even allow myself to miss a single day until seven months in!

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