Brief Recap

Wow, it’s been a month since I last posted anything. That’s the longest hiatus I’ve had since I started this blog. I didn’t want to wait this long, but life has a way of becoming busy. A brief recap:

My Thanksgiving weekend was great! I went to my uncle’s house for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Growing up, I used to go to my uncle’s house for Thanksgiving every year, but I hadn’t been in nine years because I lived away from home for college and graduate school. The turkey was juicier than I remembered (I always thought turkey was dry), but the stuffing and biscuits were just as amazing as ever. I love stuffing. Besides the food, I also love the idea of Thanksgiving. It’s nice to have a day to reflect on what we often take for granted. We all need a little perspective sometimes.

A few days after Thanksgiving, my sister got married! She was the most beautiful bride ever (though I might be biased). I didn’t cry during the ceremony, but my eyes got a little watery during my sister and her husband’s first dance. It was just too cute. The whole wedding and reception were simply amazing (and I got to take a lot of cake home).

The weeks after Thanksgiving were beyond busy. I had a take home final exam for one of my classes, and I literally spent an entire weekend working on it, only stopping to eat and sleep. My finals were stressful, and every day was more tiring than the previous one, but I prevailed! I ended up getting over 100% in one of my classes (over the entire quarter) and almost 100% in another. All in all, I had an amazing return to school, and I hope it continues next year too.

After classes ended, I immediately had to work on my applications for graduate school. I hate writing essays, and some schools require two of them! I finished almost everything for the applications, but there are still things to be done. I have to set aside some time next week to work on those.

My brother came back from medical school for the holidays about a week ago. Usually when he comes back, I don’t have time to do anything on my own. Most of my week has been spent cleaning the house in preparation for Christmas and watching TV shows on Blu-ray with my brother. He got my addicted to Heroes last year, and now it’s Lost. I’m not complaining about spending time with my brother. I love my brother, but I barely have a spare moment to myself (I only have time now because I woke up a little earlier than him).

And here we are: Christmas Eve. The season (and the year in general) moves very quickly. My family has our huge dinner and family gathering tonight, so I still have lots of cleaning and preparing to do.

Merry Christmas everyone!


2 Responses to “Brief Recap”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    I finished my grad school application. I’m way past the November 1 deadline to start class this Spring, but one of the professors remembered me from the summer classes (specifically, a recorded spoof of a distinguished visiting professor’s aptitude test). If for some reason I don’t get to start class in January, I’m going to try to set aside 12 hours per week: 7-10pm Monday-Thursday to work on music and programming. I don’t know how successful I will be with that, but I will feel better about my life if I take my future more seriously.

    As for tonight, I have 5 tunes to put in the computer (not sure where this creativity surge is coming from!), and then I’m going to relax and play with my model train until dinner and gifts with the family.

    Merry Christmas! I hope you evening is pleasant and relaxing!

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    […] note: I mentioned in passing that my brother has been trying to get me addicted to Lost. He succeeded. I started from the first […]

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