Three Days, Three Exams

Last week was probably the most stressful and exhausting week of the school term (and of the year) so far, but it ended up being less scary than I had feared. My midterms were easier than I expected. The GRE was exactly as I remembered it, except that the math section seemed more difficult this time. Interestingly (or perhaps not), my GRE scores this time are almost identical to the scores I received six years ago. Apparently a master’s degree in math doesn’t help on the GRE!

I was ecstatic after finishing my three consecutive days of exams, so I took most of the weekend off from studying. I didn’t do anything particularly special, but I did go to the mall. I haven’t been to the mall in a while, so I was surprised by all the Christmas decorations. I love Christmas! Yay!

Speaking of Christmas (this segue totally makes sense in my head), I haven’t had a drop of Starbucks coffee since I went back to school! All the coffee shops on campus are university owned, and I haven’t had much opportunity or need to find my coffee elsewhere. I always look forward to the red holiday cups from Starbucks (hence the correspondence between Christmas and Starbucks), and I have yet to get one this year! I definitely need to make sure I get my grande peppermint mocha fix soon!

Unfortunately, my three exams in three days were just the beginning. After a deliberately unproductive weekend, I’m faced with piles of things to do this week. Besides my usual schoolwork and two final projects I’m worrying about (there are only about two and a half weeks left in the school term!), I also need to work on my applications for graduate school. I would enumerate what I have to do for the applications, but just thinking about all I have to do makes me feel overwhelmed. The fact that one of my potential referees declined to write a letter doesn’t help.

No worrying about it now. Time to sleep! Another busy day awaits!


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