Bridal Shower

My sister’s bridal shower is today. I had previously mentioned to my sister that I thought it would be fun to go (I like participating in anything involved with my sister’s wedding), so she invited me, even though bridal showers are supposed to be “girls only.” She said I could be her photographer (to make it less awkward to be the only guy, though that doesn’t bother me).

Unfortunately, I can’t make it to her bridal shower. I’m beyond busy this weekend. I have two midterms next week (one Monday and one Thursday), and I have two homework assignments both due on Wednesday (they’re usually due on Fridays). The bridal shower would take all day (I’d have to drive two hours each way), and I just can’t afford the time.

My sister doesn’t mind; she understands that I’m really busy. I shouldn’t even be there anyway. But my sister texted me last night to tell me that my younger (male) cousin will be attending the shower instead and will be acting as the photographer. My cousin is in college and has midterms next week too, but he lives closer to my sister. It’s not as much of a time commitment for him to attend.

Even though I can’t make it, and my cousin is a much better photographer than me, I can’t help but feel (more than) a bit jealous. This is just another sacrifice I have to make to do well in school. I was supposed to visit my best friend from elementary school last weekend for Oktoberfest, but I couldn’t make that either.



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