Not A Race

Remember my married high school friend (I went to his bachelor party, bought him a wedding gift, and attended his wedding)? He and his wife moved into their new house over the weekend, so I paid them a visit after work yesterday. A couple other friends were already planning to hang out there to eat hot dogs and watch the UFC fights on TV, so my friend invited me to join them.

My friend gave me a tour of his house. I love new houses. Everything smells new, and all the surfaces are freshly polished and cleaned. It was all very impressive.

Seeing my friend already married and now owning a house, I couldn’t help but be a little jealous. Both he and his wife work in the pharmacy industry; their stable jobs and decent combined income let them reach their goals of buying a house and eventually (i.e., soon) starting a family.

I know that life is not a race. Just because I have friends who own houses, are married, and/or have kids doesn’t mean I have to follow a similar timeline. It’s unrealistic. However, hanging out with people who are actively working towards their goals accentuates my lack of doing so.

Any decision (within reason, of course) is better than no decision. I’m so afraid of making a mistake on a bad decision that I end up not acting at all. I sometimes do this at work, and I obviously do it in life too.

I’m currently very close to deciding on a particular path to take, but it might not take me anywhere. It might be a bad decision. But at least it would be a decision, right?


2 Responses to “Not A Race”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    If you only had 3 years to live, is this the path you would take? What is the most important thing you want to accomplish in your life? Does this path take you towards your goal?

  2. First Weekend of Freedom « Normal Boy Says:

    […] week). I got to see some high school friends who I haven’t seen for at least six months. My married high school friend and his wife were there with their month-old baby! I got to hold her! She is so small and so cute. […]

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