LA Landmarks

I was still slightly sick over the weekend, but I was recovering well enough to still have fun. My best friend from college (the one I psuedo-date) had her birthday on Friday, so we went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate!

We dined at Campanile, a fairly historic LA landmark (it was built for Charlie Chaplin!). We went all out: wine, appetizer, entree, and dessert! I love fine dining, and this place was very fine. We even got dressed up for the occasion! I’m not sure if they even let people in wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

The head chef (and owner) of Campanile is Mark Peel, who was a contestant on Top Chef Masters. He actually came by our table and asked how the food was! I honestly never saw Top Chef Masters and hadn’t heard of Mark Peel until that evening, but my friend was very excited. We were both a little surprised that he showed up, so we didn’t have much to say (beyond that the food was really good), and we were both too afraid to ask him for a picture with us (or at least with just my friend). But meeting Mark Peel still counts as meeting a celebrity in my book!

On Saturday, to continue celebrating my friend’s birthday, we (along with a good number of friends) went to the Hollywood Bowl (another LA landmark) for some Brazilian music and fireworks. The music was quite good, and the fireworks were very impressive. We also went to the Hollywood Bowl for my friend’s birthday last year too, which was the first time I had been. In fact, the only times I’ve ever been to the Hollywood Bowl have been for my friend’s birthday.

It’s interesting that I grew up in LA and love its history (I learn a lot from I Love Lucy) but don’t really visit many of the LA landmarks until out-of-towners moved down and took me to them (my best friend from college is originally from Northern California, practically a different state). I should really get out more.


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