Weekend In San Diego

My dad wanted to go somewhere far (but driveable, like San Francisco or Las Vegas) for Labor Day weekend, but my birthday party left us with only two days instead of three. My parents and I bounced some ideas around but never finalized anything until Sunday morning.

We were all but settled on staying near home until my dad made the impromptu decision to book a hotel room in San Diego. This was especially impulsive because my dad rarely ever makes decisions; he usually constantly asks my mom and me to make decisions, even if it’s for something he wants. At my birthday dinner, he kept looking at me when he couldn’t decide whether to have his steak medium or medium rare!

It was already the early evening by the time we reached San Diego (it’s about a three-hour drive). We went for a walk at Seaport Village, which has a lot of little shops and restaurants next to a walkway that overlooks the San Diego Bay. The weather in San Diego was perfect (as it usually is), and the view of the water was beautiful.

After sunset, we drove up to the Pala Casino. I had never been to an Indian casino before, but as I should have expected, it doesn’t look very different from casinos in Las Vegas. We went there because my mom heard from a friend that the seafood buffet at Pala was very good. We waited in an hour-long line (we didn’t get into the buffet until after 9pm), but it was definitely worth it. The quality of the food was very high. As an example, the ice cream was real Dreyer’s brand ice cream, not the generic soft serve machines. There were ten flavors to choose from!

My parents and I did a little gambling at the casino before heading back to our hotel. We don’t play to win; we just play for fun. Ten dollars on penny slots lasted us for a good two hours! Going to see a movie costs more than that!

On Monday, we went to the San Diego Zoo. With the lack of planning we did for our trip, I really wasn’t expecting to have time to go to the zoo, so needless to say I was excited. My parents assured me that I had been to the San Diego Zoo before this time, but I have no memory of it.

I love zoos. I love animals, and I love learning about them. I feel like a kid whenever I go to zoos (aquariums too). The panda and capybara exhibits were my favorites; not only are pandas and capybaras very cute, but I also got really good pictures. There were so many animals that were way too difficult to photograph well. I wish I had more zoom on my camera (or at least a photographic memory).

I had a great weekend (first my party and then San Diego!). The only downside is that I got sick soon afterwards. I drove down to San Diego, so my dad drove back. Whenever my dad gets tired at the wheel, he turns on the air conditioning very cold to keep himself awake. I fell asleep in the back seat (it’s a long drive!) without a jacket, so that’s probably how I got sick.

I’m still sick now (day two), but I’m already on the mend. I’ve had chicken noodle soup three times in two days, and I’m drinking probably five times as much water as I usually do (and I’m not drinking coffee!). I also went home from work a little early yesterday. I’m trying to get better quickly so I can see my friends this weekend. My best friend from college is having her big birthday gathering on Saturday! Should be great!


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