Separate Parties

My birthday party this year was bigger than it had ever been before, but it was also more divided. While the tradition of having a big party for my birthday began with my high school friends, I started inviting my college friends in recent years. Unfortunately, my high school friends and college friends never really mixed, so I end up having to shuffle between what seems like two parties under the same roof.

This year was the first year that more college friends were in attendance than high school friends, so the divide was even more apparent. My high school friends barely acknowledged the existence of my college friends, and they exiled themselves to one room of the house and watched sports on TV. On the other side, a couple college friends who I hadn’t seen in almost four years were visiting LA for the long weekend, so my party was a perfect way to have a mini-reunion. Since I’ve never been a sports fan, it was difficult for me to split my time equally between catching up with my college friends and watching football with my high school friends.

From the few people I’ve talked to since the party, it seems like everyone still enjoyed themselves, but I feel like I neglected the high school group too much that night. Even though I’m friends with both groups, and it’s great to see everyone all at one time, I probably should split the party into two different days so that I don’t feel pressured to jump between parties.

Reading back over this post, I must sound so whiny. To have so many people with whom to share my birthday that I have to spread my party into two days is a blessing that isn’t lost on me. I’m a very lucky guy. Despite having two separate parties at one time, I had an awesome birthday celebration.

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One Response to “Separate Parties”

  1. Amy Says:

    Yup… that’s life. Always going between 2 groups! If you really want them to mix, try inviting 2 or 3 friends out at a time… People will talk to new people if their old friends aren’t there..

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