Dinner And A Movie

My movie date with the online guy has been rescheduled to tonight! Last time, I asked him (via text message) if he wanted to see a movie. This time, he said he was getting out of work earlier today (we actually had this text conversation yesterday), so we made plans for tonight. Once we decided on the movie (he suggested District 9) and the theatre, I asked if he wanted to get dinner too. We’re going to meet up a little before the movie starts so we can grab a bite to eat. Dinner and a movie!

Meanwhile, my mom’s friend’s wife works at Disneyland, so we’re able to get free tickets on non-blackout days. Even though I would rather go on a weekend so as to not miss work (I really care way too much about my thankless job), my parents convinced/pressured/guilted me (the way parents do) into taking tomorrow off so we can go on a less crowded weekday.

I think my parents are more excited about going to Disneyland than I am. Usually I’m the one who’s pushing everyone else to go, but this time, I’m just thinking about how tiring it is to go in the middle of the week. I will be less than functional at work on Thursday, I’m sure. But I already asked for the day off, so there’s no going back now; I’d be crazy not to go.

Side note: Yes, I’m going to Disneyland with my parents. It’s not as much of a drag as it sounds. I actually like spending time with my parents (except in the mornings – I’m definitely not a morning person).


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