Enlightening Lunches

I’ve had a good week. My boss is out of town for a couple weeks on business, so work is a lot less stressful right now (not enough to slack off, unfortunately). Not only that, but my big sister from work (who left the company at the end of February) came back to help while my boss is away! Her presence alone makes the workday much more enjoyable, and I’ve been having lunch with her almost every day this week!

My lunches with my big sister from work are always enlightening (and, as a side note, often involve frozen yogurt). She was with our company for ten years, so she has a lot of stories and wisdom to impart. She explained how a lot of the dysfunction within our company stems from the way my boss and my big boss work and interact with each other. I knew this to an extent, but I now understand more as to why my boss acts the way she does (not just to me). I won’t go into detail for security/anonymity reasons, but I feel sorry for my boss.

In other news, my movie date with the online guy didn’t happen. Yet. He text messaged me Thursday morning to say that he had to work late so we would have to reschedule. Working late is a common excuse, but I trust him; from what I’ve learned about him so far, he seems like a very nice guy (much nicer than me). We haven’t set a new date yet, but I definitely plan on following through with seeing him again. Stay tuned!


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