Text Dating

Last week, only an hour before my date with the second online guy, the first online guy text messaged me. It was Wednesday, and not a single day had gone by since the previous Friday without either a phone call or text message from him. I was starting to get annoyed. At first he asked how I was doing, but then he asked what I was doing for the evening, which I felt was getting creepy. Does he need to know what I’m doing all the time?

I politely responded to his messages. I was generally curt and didn’t really ask him questions, but he kept text messaging back. Eventually, he asked if we could “talk for a bit.” I thought that maybe he sensed my apathy and wanted to see what I was feeling, so I called him. No, I was wrong. He really just wanted to talk. About nothing. For forty minutes. I really didn’t care what he had for dinner, and I found it a little creepy that he asked what I had. He was asking almost as if we were officially dating (going steady). I don’t even talk to my best friends every day!

About 15-20 minutes before my date with the second online guy, I abruptly cut off my phone call (if I hadn’t, I’m sure he would have rambled on for hours). I must have been too nice to let him continue to talk to me for so long, because I was really not in the mood to talk to him. I guess I’m just not good at telling him what I really think.

The next day (Thursday), he text messaged me again, this time during lunch. He said he was at Third Street (Promenade) eating lunch. He asked how I was doing and hoped that I was having a good day. By this point, I decided I definitely did not want to get to know him any better, let alone have a second date. His “no pressure” approach certainly felt like a lot of pressure.

I initially replied to his text messages in a timely manner to be polite, but I eventually let this last text message go unreplied. My work bestie told me that replying quickly only shows that I’m also interested, so if I take a long time to respond (or don’t respond at all), then he would get the hint. Of course, she was right; he got the hint. I haven’t heard from him since that message. I felt bad at first for ignoring him like that, but I didn’t feel as bad as I should have had I really cared that much (that sounds like a confusing sentence, but it makes sense in my head).

Anyway, as the previous post indicated, the date with the second online guy went well. I deliberately refrained from any communication with him since our date. My plan was to wait a week and then invite him to see a movie or something, continuing to keep the date/friend situation vague. I was pleasantly surprised today (less than a week) when he text messaged me and asked how my weekend went. I’m glad he waited until after the weekend to contact me; it tells me that he’s not overly eager but he’d still like to hang out.

After a few text messages back and forth, I asked him if he wanted to see a movie later in the week. He said yes! We’re set to see Julie & Julia on Thursday night!

It’s funny. Last week, whenever my phone alerted me of a text message, I feared that it was another message from the first online guy. Today, I anxiously awaited replies from the second online guy (it didn’t help that I was getting messages from other friends interspersed throughout our texting conversation). I think it’s pretty clear which guy I like better.


2 Responses to “Text Dating”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    What a game player you are. Just tell the first guy what you really think. It’s as rude as pointing out that someone’s fly is open.

  2. normalboy Says:

    I’m not playing games. He already got the hint. Why would I open the conversation again just to let him down? If he really wanted clarification on the obvious, he would have asked me.

    I thought that pointing out that someone’s fly is open is polite. It’s better than not pointint it out, right?

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