Online Dating

A few days before her last day at work (this was about a week and a half ago), my work bestie created a profile for me on a free online dating website. I had tried online dating before with not much luck, but I decided not to delete the profile since my work bestie really wanted me to use it. Before I knew it, I was emailing back and forth with two guys. By the end of the week, one of them asked for my number and the other gave me his!

The first online guy text messaged me on Friday afternoon (while I was still at work) asking if I had time to talk. I called him back as I left work, and we were on the phone for over an hour. We talked about a whole range of topics, including ex-boyfriends (his, since I don’t have any), driving (he, like me, was also scared of driving for a long time), marriage (he doesn’t want to get married, I haven’t decided), children (he wants a child in the very near future, I’m undecided on when), and our life goals (he has very defined goals, whereas I don’t). It was a very loaded first phone call.

Honestly, I’m not a big phone person; I’d rather just meet and talk in person. He’s out of town this weekend, so we made tentative plans to meet early next week. But he called me up again last night, as he was on his way to hang out with some friends. I was on the phone with him for another forty minutes while he was driving. Did I mention I’m not a big phone person? Anyway, after the two phone calls, I already have my hesitations about this guy (but his profile picture is pretty cute, and talking to him via email was very easy and natural), so we’ll see what happens when we actually meet.

The second online guy text messaged me yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. I asked him to a coffee date sometime this week; we’ll probably meet Wednesday night (I’m actually texting with him as I’m writing this). We haven’t talked on the phone yet (might be a good thing), but from what I can tell, he seems like a really nice guy. Also, my work bestie thinks he’s cuter than the first guy (at this point I’m undecided).

As I had mentioned a long time ago, I honestly gave up on finding love. I don’t know if online dating will give me hope or reinforce my bachelorhood, but I’m really nervous!


3 Responses to “Online Dating”

  1. Amy Says:

    Don’t give up on love! If I remember correctly, dating = fun!

  2. Jonathan Says:

    Wow go you! Enjoy your dates… I want to hear all about them! 🙂

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