No One’s Perfect

I finally had it out with my boss yesterday. We didn’t yell at each other, but the problem I had created from my mistake a month ago was brought out in the open. The issue is finally resolved.

However, the damage has already been done. I feel like my boss no longer trusts me. I used to be her go-to guy for little jobs/favors she needed done, but now she doesn’t ask me for anything. I prepare certain documents for her and she used to just sign them, but now she says she has to “look into it” and verify the information.

I’m very much a perfectionist. I always triple check my work (even when it’s done right the first time). I beat myself up over mistakes of any size. I always learn from them so I don’t make the same mistake twice. I do 99.5% of my job with no issues (I’m rounding). I’ve actually fixed many old accounting problems (including ones my boss made).

I’ve collected on invoices that were up to four years old. One invoice from one year ago was almost deemed “uncollectable” because of the run-around we were getting for so long. Three different people before me tried to collect on it; I received the physical check only a month and a half after I moved to accounting.

I’m very good at what I do (I’m not trying to brag, I’m just ranting/venting). But no one’s perfect, right? Everyone makes mistakes; that’s not just what we tell kids to make them feel better. In the grand scheme of things, the mistake I made wasn’t that big of a deal, but my boss seems to have lost all faith in me. I lost a friend in the process.

I understand that I made a mistake. I understand the need for my boss to be a little more cautious with me and my work. But I’ve already learned my lesson (big time). I haven’t made any egregious mistakes since. Can’t we just move on? Can’t we go back to normal?


One Response to “No One’s Perfect”

  1. Amy Says:

    Did you point out your positives to your boss? It’ll take a while, but she’ll eventually trust you again

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